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As the last vote on the Lula appeal came in, there was no surprise that the former president of Brazil would have his sentence upheld while the markets celebrated, with São Paulo’s stock exchange at an all-time high. What was surprising is that his punishment increased from nine to twelve years. But what does this mean for the

Brazil’s right wing has gotten ahead through a series of dirty tricks. The 2015 impeachment of Workers Party (PT) president Dilma Rousseff, pushed through despite the absence of any “crime of responsibility,” is the most notorious example. Now, through similarly slick manuevers, they’re seeking further restrictions on reproductive rights. This, in a country where already one woman

(artigo autoral reproduzido do antigo site Brasilem5) por Sabrina Fernandes Uma jogada diferente com o "marxismo científico" O filósofo marxista Leszek Kolakowski formula a Esquerda como uma característica, e assim argumenta que nenhuma organização poderá encorpá-la em totalidade, já que toda característica necessita de ser mediada de forma dialética por teoria e prática. Se considerarmos essa visão, entendemos

In a recent essay (see “Brazil: The Débâcle of the PT”), Alfredo Saad-Filho writes of the dilemmas the Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT) now faces in Brazil.His analysis helps decipher some of the dynamics that have led to the current crisis of the PT regime and President Dilma Rousseff. This essay complements Saad-Filho’s contribution

Marina Silva is a veteran in Brazilian politics. Minister of the environment in the Lula administration, she resigned in 2008, switched from the Workers’ Party (PT) to the Green Party (PV) — not uncommon in Brazilian parliamentary politics — and ran for the presidential office in 2010, losing in the first round. Leia o artigo completo aqui.